Bees Dying Out Due to Air Pollution

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17 Sep 2018 0 stephanie

Bees are small flying insects that are responsible for the pollination of the majority of flowers and fruit. However, in the most recent years, there has been a scientifically proven trend indicating that the bees are dying out at a significant rate.

At first, the experts were unsure as to what was causing the bees to go extinct, but it has become clear that air pollution may be to blame. Ozone is a gas that is incredibly toxic to bees. Sadly, this is known to be one of the most common air pollutants found worldwide. This gas is located at ground level because of emissions from cars and factories. The research also indicates that these pollutants are at their highest level during the middle of summer. This is when the bees are at the height of the pollination season. As a result, the bees are exposed to these toxic gasses. An individual bee is only able to handle a small amount of these gasses before they pass away. Recently, it is becoming all too common to find fields of unpollinated flowers and abandoned beehives. When people do not make a significant change to emissions of toxic gasses, all of the bees will die out.

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