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5 Aug 2022 0 stephanie

Recently an increasing number of people have recognised the impact that humanity has on the environment. They will sometimes hold protests in order to incite change. These events tend to be aimed at reducing carbon emissions and single use plastic. Sometimes the protest will end up attracting hundreds of people. It may be featured on national news programmes.

A range of organisations have been established for the purpose of creating protest events. One of these is Insulate Britain, a controversial group that seeks to increase heating in UK homes. Their tactics include disrupting public transport systems and blocking traffic. Whilst this has led to some opposition it has also increased public awareness of the group. However, other environmental protesters prefer to attain permission with local authorities before holding an event.

Media Attention

Regardless of which tactics an environmental protester uses they will likely gain a fair amount of attention from passers-by and the news media. As a result they will want to look their best. Their appearance will be indicative of the entire group. Those who end up in front of cameras will become ambassadors for the cause. People who oppose their views could cite their poor appearance as a reason to doubt their legitimacy. There is an unpleasant stereotype of environmental protesters being dirty and unkempt. Activists therefore feel an even greater pressure to look as good as possible.

These people could wear their best new clothes to an event. Doing so would help to make the organisation seem professional. Female members of the group could even choose to undergo augmentation. In recent years cosmetic surgery has become much more mainstream. It is popular amongst a wide range of people, including those who are members of activist communities. They could attain a Motiva buttock implant if they want to look great in different varieties of dresses, leggings and trousers. Motiva is recognised as a provider of high quality augmentation products.


Before considering plastic surgery the person will want assurances that their long term comfort will not be affected. A lot of environmental protests require the person to be physically active. For example, in London it is common for groups to march on Parliament or the headquarters of oil companies. If the activist feels physical pain from a buttock implant it will restrict their ability to march. Some organisations have been inspired by the sit-in movement of the civil rights era. Rather than walk miles they choose to sit in one place for many hours. Once again, this is a scenario where a buttock implant needs to be comfortable. The good news is that Motiva supplies high quality ones that both move and feel natural.

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