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11 Feb 2021 0 stephanie

Children are the future. They are the ones who will take over control of resources in the next few years. That is why it is essential for them to embrace the importance of proper environmental management. If children are started early on basic practises such as proper waste disposal, planting trees, switching off lights when not needed, less screen time, among others, they grow up embracing these practices and become better ambassadors of environmental conservation.

Involving Children in Environmental Conservation

  • Have Environmental Clubs in schools: Right from when they are young, the children can be encouraged to join environmental clubs. At these clubs, they can learn more practical aspects of conserving the environment including the dangers that come with poor practices.
  • Lead by example: Children learn a lot by imitating adults and their behaviours and habits are modelled by what they see. No matter how much you preach about environmental conservation but you do nothing to follow through, children watching you will never take you seriously. For instance, if you tell them not to litter but you hurl used bottles on the road while driving, it gets engraved in their minds.
  • Involve them in activities: The next time you are participating in an activity to preserve the environment, you should bring the children along. It could be a tree planting exercise, cleaning the environment, changing your bulbs to energy saving, or even having a fundraiser. Have them experience it so that they appreciate the process more.
  • Explain the importance: Find child-friendly literature and other content that you can use to emphasise on the importance of conserving the environment. Make them appreciate the consequences of not saving the environment now. Use relatable examples. For instance, tell them about what will happen to their pet if global warming continues.

Be patient when trying to involve children in environmental matters. Let them be active participants. Do not talk at them, but rather with them.

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