Getting Kids Aware and Involved in Caring for the Environment

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17 Jan 2023 0 stephanie

Due to the small nature of a kid’s world, issues around them need to be broken down in the same way their food is mashed. As such, it is important that you help them understand what climate change really is and how they should start getting involved in environmental care from an early age. This way, you plant seeds that will grow into conservationists in the future.

Teach Them to Avoid Littering

From a tender age, show them where trash belongs. When you go out on walks, show a good example by using litter bins and show them how to use these correctly. Be strict about throwing litter through car windows. When taking out the trash, give them little portions to dispose of together with you.

Encourage Re-use

Nurture their creativity by challenging them to reuse otherwise useless items. For instance, you can modify water bottles and use them to water potted plants. Such simple hacks will pique children’s curiosity and inspire creativity while at the same time taking care of the environment.

Provide Learning Resources

look for books, songs, videos and other resources that encourage kids to take care of the environment. If you hear of openings where they can contribute through environmental issues essays, encourage and guide them through those. Become a learning resource yourself by debating and discussing with them.

Expose them to the Good and the Bad

There is no shortage of examples to depict the effects of how we treat the environment. Wherever and whenever you encounter these, always point them out to your kid. Show them beautiful gardens and show them ugly plastics in the ocean. In a short period, they will be noticing and pointing out these examples by themselves.

These tips plant a seed of love for the environment in children and they are unlikely to depart from this nature in their adulthood.

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