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19 Feb 2019 0 stephanie

Being a globally aware citizen is not a kind request but an obligation, especially for the 21st century, when the impacts of a specific action on the environment can be observed in other areas of the world. Although the development of the terminology of sustainability and sustainable use of natural resources goes back to the late 1980s, there is still not a common ground founded on how we, as the global citizens, can make sure of the protection of the environment and the conservation of nature at the worldwide level. According to the United Nations, the Common Future of global citizens is that they should take responsibility to change the way we produce, consume and see the environment from a holistic angle.

Rising awareness towards the popular topics of excessive plastic use, depletion of the Ozone layer, the low levels of recycling, the industrial pressure upon oceans and seas and decreasing level of biodiversity, helped people pay more attention to the irreversible changes in their living environments. Therefore, the number of people who are aware of the negative impacts of climate change increased significantly. Patients who are affected by air pollution and poisonous gases, usually bring this topic to expert doctors who can be contacted also from here and ask for suggestions that can heal them in the short run. Here are some more suggestions for global citizens to contribute for the wellbeing of the Earth and sustainable use of its resources.

Check Your Practices from Daily Life According to Sustainable Development Goals

Until 2020, global citizens from all around the world are given the responsibility to check the compatibility of the policies that are applied in their daily lives in their own countries. The specific targets for responsible consumption, the use of renewable energies, smart

cities, food security, egalitarian city structures, and plans, along with the biodiversity levels of rural spaces are all set under seventeen categories for each country. As a responsible and aware global citizen, you can go and check the specific goal from these Sustainable Development Goals and see how your country is doing to reach the target in 2020. You can give feedback to your local administrators or your government, and in this way, you can contribute to the protection of nature and its resources.

Be Aware of the Energy Projects Around You

The consumption of fossil fuels is not something desired in the 21st century when there is a considerable possibility of creating greener and healthier energy from the renewable sources such as wave, tidal, wind (onshore and offshore) and solar. However, the installation and construction phase of these renewable energy projects might involve some damage to the environment as well. As a globally aware citizen, you can check the Environmental Impact Assessment reports of these renewable energy projects.

Contribute Individually, Lower Your Carbon Footprint

As a responsible individual, you can contribute to the lowering of the temperature or stopping the increase of it at two degrees Celsius, just by lowering your carbon footprint. This way the Earth can recover more quickly.

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