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15 Dec 2020 0 stephanie

Saving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. It is not something that should be left for charity organisations that are dedicated to saving the environment. There have been intense campaigns to get offices involved in saving the environment. Offices have been flagged by many environmentalists as being among the people who are contributing to carbon emission. These are some of the ways that offices can become eco-friendly:

  • Turn off lights and electronics when not needed: There are offices that do not bother to switch off the lights after everyone has gone home. By the end of the month, this piles up. The energy used to light up those rooms and to keep the idle machines running is harmful to the ozone layer.
  • Embrace renewable energy: Offices should not ignore the benefits that come with using renewable energy in the office. Get energy saving bulbs that need less energy and burn longer than ordinary bulbs. Not only are they cost-effective, but they also help in saving the environment.
  • Participate in saving environment campaigns: There are many interesting activities that offices can engage in. For instance, they can come up with teams that do things like tree planting, participating in advocacy and other activities.
  • Get rid of the fuel guzzlers: The carbon emission by fuel guzzlers that companies and offices use can be cut down a great deal if they embrace the use of smaller cars. Electric cars that emit cleaner air have become popular among many companies. The culture of riding to work or carpooling should also be encouraged when possible.
  • Go Paperless: Companies should stop printing on paper and instead go paperless. It is convenient to have a digital storage instead of keeping reams of papers all over the place. It saves on energy and also makes it easier for the documents to access when they are in digital form. If offices take initiative and start doing the little things to save the environment, then it would be a step towards living in a clean environment.

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