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27 Feb 2022 0 stephanie

Over the years it has become clear that smoking tobacco products has a significant negative effect on the environment. In order to tackle this problem nicotine fans could opt for pouches instead of cigarettes. If so then Nordic Spirit is the ideal brand. It comes in a variety of different strengths and flavours. If smokers are still not convinced about the environmental issues around cigarettes then it is worth exploring the subject further.

Cigarette Butts

On the surface these products mainly damage the health of the individuals using them. However, the waste that they produce also poses a serious problem to the wider world. If a cigarette butt is not disposed of properly then it can end up polluting the land, air and water. This is due to the fact that they often contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

It is estimated that every year more than 766,500 metric tons of discarded cigarette butts are dumped into the environment. It is unwise to assume that e-cigarettes and vape products can solve this issue. Electronic waste often ends up in either a landfill or incinerator. It is a much better idea to switch to a chewing alternative. For this reason Nordic Spirit products will be very appealing. If more people made the switch then there would be far less discarded cigarette pollution on the streets, beaches and countryside.


One of the main goals of many environmental protection agencies is to reduce the amount of plastic waste. This material has caused havoc to the natural landscape. Entire ecosystems are now under threat. The plastic filters found in older smoking products simply will not biodegrade. They can end up being eaten by wildlife or pile up at the bottom of oceans.

Plastic is also a key component of vape products. Many e-cigarettes are single-use. This means that they need to be thrown away in large numbers. Environmentalists struggle to find a way to dispose of these items in a way that will not cause harm. The chemical waste that leaks out of vapes is also a major concern. These issues could be negated if Nordic Spirit pouches were favoured instead.


The reason why cigarettes cause pollution is because they are improperly discarded and get carried as runoff into waterways. Rivers and oceans are filled with these items. There are numerous toxic compounds that end up seeping into aquatic ecosystems. These chemicals are often toxic to fish. In fact, in one study a single cigarette butt was found to release enough toxins to kill half of all fish exposed to it for 96 hours.

Another study concluded that these items could become a source for heavy metal contamination to the point that local organisms are seriously harmed. When roadside waste is analysed the hydrocarbon levels often suggest that cigarettes have littered the area.

What Can Be Done?

It is unlikely that all smokers will suddenly quit using nicotine products. However, they can minimise the damage caused if they make the switch to pouches. Nordic Spirit products are a much smarter choice.

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